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Richard Welcome to my homepage. You've found this page through the enormous amount of information on the net, congratulations. Frankly I don't have much to say, but homepages are for free, so why shouldn't I make one myself. *smile*

Okay, my name is Richard Klein Leugemors and I was born on May 27, 1966 in Markelo, a small place somewhere in the east of the Netherlands. This means I'm 32 years old at this very moment. I've lived all over the place: Markelo, Goor, Oldenzaal, Enschede, you'll find all these places in the east of the Netherlands, about 170km from Amsterdam. In the area called Twente, very near to the German border. Leu oet Twente bint leuke leu. But I moved to Ede about a year ago, and thats somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands. I'm 1.90m tall (6'3"), 75kg heavy (170lbs), I've got middle blond short hear and blue eyes.

I've studied economics and of course I've done a lot of computer courses. I didn't pay much attention at school, that's why my English is so bad. *smile* But I hope you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

I've acted as a account manager in a non-profit organization for seven years, when I still lived in Enschede. But when I moved to Ede I also changed jobs. So now I'm chief sales and automation at Goelst Nederland B.V. And again they are keeping me responsible for the health of the computer network with an NT and an UNIX server. I like the job, especially keeping the network up and running.

Some of my major interests are: computers (of course), listen to music, making music myself (I'm playing in a brassband), reading, having fun with friends, a romantic diner, drinking Grolsch, traveling all over the globe, walking on the beach, cycling in the forrest, visiting pop concerts, watching movies, and so on.


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